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Who are we?​

Our Job: Design, fabricate and install metal equipment on behalf of major industrial and assembler clients worldwide.

Who are we?​

Our Philosophy

Our values

  • A craftsman mindset
  • Passion
  • Excellence.

Business principles

  • A strong family business culture,
  • Clients relationships based on partnership and trust.

Our ambition
Our goal is to position Stolz Miras as a leading industrial subcontractor in Vietnam with capabilities to design and manufacture with our clients unique and specific projects in the respect of international standards of manufacturing and with comparable or greater quality standards than Western fabrications.

Our know-how

  • Sheet metal work – of all kinds and nuances
  • Machines, structures, tanks, pipes, pressure equipment, conveyors, industrial process equipment, etc.
  • Food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, energy, aerospace, Processing industries

Our difference

  • Our Production capacities based in Vietnam guarantees international competitiveness,
  • Our 20 years know-how brought by StolzMiras’ founder which was constantly strengthened by technology,
  • Expatriate management who values compliance with international quality standards and ethics in the conduct of our clients’ projects.

More information about Stolz-MIras:

  • Our company’s development since its creation: here
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Since 1998, a leading industrial boiler works/Sheetmetal work in Vietnam.



1998 – French entrepreneur and boilermaker Pierre Miras founds Miras Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The company
employs 12 staff and manufactures basic stainless steel industrial equipment.

2000– Awards contracts to supply major global industrial and assemblers such as Heineken, Danieli, Stolz.

2002 – Settles facilities in Thu Duc (current location) in the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City. Initiates export activities with Danieli, Thyssen Krupp Aventis, Nem , Pica , Stubakimoto

2007 -Industrial outsourcing partnership with Stolz Sequipag, French food&feed processing equipment leading company. Miras rebrands under the name Stolz Miras and remains independent.

2013 – Founder Pierre Miras retires and handovers management to Thibaut Giroux . Stolz Miras carries out 80 % of its
business on export with 200 employees

2018 – 2019 – Stolz Miras has designed its own modern production facilities and settled into a brand new 15,700 m² factory in the Amata industrial zone (Bien Hoa City). The company also invests in new equipment (laser cutting, machining centres, etc.). 

Our teams​

Our French and expatriate management ensures compliance with international quality standards.

Our teams​


Driven by a traditional handwork mindset, passion and excellence, our 200 engineers and skilled workers have developed over the years a real family culture and built relationships with our clients on a spirit of partnership and trust.

Thanks to a very low staff turnover since foundation, Stolz – Miras has accumulated a real know how allowing its customers to benefit from unmatched manufacturing capacities in Vietnam.


Stolz Miras has, since its inception, a tradition of continuous investment in its production capacities while maintaining international quality and safety standards.  


Our 6,000m2 of workshops in Bien Hoa City concentrate our technical means that we put at the service of our customers.

In 2015, Stolz-Moras invested in laser cutting.

The company thus becomes one of the very first companies in Vietnam to reach a level of equipment of this standard.

Key figures

Stolz Miras it's 200 people,  160 staff, 40 engineers and managers.

Key figures

  • Founded in 1998 in Vietnam
  • 200 people, including 160 staff, 40 engineers and managers
  • Office and production located in Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai province – Vietnam
  • 80% export, mainly to Europe
  • Languages ​​spoken: French, English, Vietnamese
    • Facilities : 6,000 m2 covered (site: 15,700 m2) 
  • Turn-over: 8-10 Millions USD


We conduct your projects in full transparency with a permanent concern for Quality and customer satisfaction. ​


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