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With a constant concern for customer satisfaction, Stolz-Miras has committed for many years to Total Quality at every stage of each project. We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2009.​


Our Quality policy

We place Quality at the heart of our organization and our client projects (ISO 9001: 2015 certification). To address environmental and compliance concerns, we have also moved towards ISO 14001. This certification grants Stolz-Miras extensive environmental management capabilities and meets our most demanding customers’ needs.

Our Quality control department guarantees:

  • Material and feed metal traceability as well as PMI test control of the materials used,
  • Welding procedures and qualifications,
  • Internal controls (penetrant testing, radiography, endoscopy, dimensions, roughness, ferrite rate, customer FAT tests),
  • Definition of manufacturing and Quality data to be recorded.

Our Quality department is responsible for the implementation of the Quality Assurance Plan across every phase of a project, and notably:

  • Control of documents and customer data,
  • Compliance with standards and recommendations,
  • Implementation and monitoring of Quality plans, procedures and instructions,
  • Control and monitoring of welding steps,
  • Audit and monitoring of the quality of contractors’ services,
  • Monitoring of non-conformities and management of corrective actions.

Our Project Quality plan

Our products and installations are subject to an exhaustive project documentary procedure allowing our customers to accurately monitor their projects. The objectives are to :

  • Indicate all the means implemented to meet the customer’s requirements,
  • Identify all the project stakeholders and define their responsibilities,
  • Indicate procedures to stakeholders.

We can provide all the necessary documentation and required by the French nuclear industry.


To ensure that the final product meets your requirementsmaterial traceability is monitored all project execution log. .​


To ensure that our customers’ requirements are met, we guarantee the traceability of materials at different stages of the project:​

  • Supply from wholesalers capable of issuing material certificates.​
  • Upon receipt of materials:​
    • material certificate check​
    • systematic comparison of the indicated chemical composition with data collected from our PMI (Positive Material Identification) gun* investigation.​

Elaboration and incorporation of project materials certificates list in the manufacturer information folder.​

Marking of materials according to the type and the casting number indicated on the certificate. This information is shown on all parts up to welding for our teams (including after cutting and machining).​

For some specific materials, a PMI inspection is once again performed between manufacturing and shipment of the parts so that the materials are confirmed complying with client requirements

* The PMI device is used to determine, using X-Ray technology, the chemical composition of some element constituting the analysed materials. We accordingly can ensure the conformity of the delivered material and initiate rejection of it.

Information folder

Just as our productsour manufacturer files are tailor-made​.

Information folder

Upon client request, and before shipment of the manufactured items, a manufacturer information folder containing all information defined at the order stage is handed-over.

This folder may include:

  • Dimension report,​
  • Welding process related documents(WPS, welding book, welders’ certifications, etc.),
  • Non-Destructive Test reports from relevant inspectors,
  • Coating certificates(paint, roughness, pickling, passivation, etc.),
  • Calibration certificates for devices/equipment used during the fabrication,
  • Certificates for materials used during the fabrication,
  • Technical data sheets of consumable/coatings(paints, pickling solution, penetrant liquid, etc.) used during the fabrication,
  • FAT tests related documents (videos, temperature records, hydraulic test reports, pictures, etc.).

All the documents contained in this information folder can be issued using the standard Stolz-Miras template or client specific template, if any.

We can provide all the necessary documentation required by the French nuclear industry or pharmaceutical industry.

Equipment calibration

We ensure the accuracy and reliability of our equipment  

Equipment calibration

All of our equipment is callibrated and certified by an ISO-17025 Labratory.​

Our Quality department:​

  • Ensures the validity of equipment in use,​
  • Takes care of the renewal of calibration, certificates before expirering.​

​These calibrations include all our control equipment (dimensional, PMI, roughness, painting and sandblasting, temperature, etc.) as well as all our welding equipment.


As metal workers, welding is at the heart of our know how.


90% of the equipment manufactured in our workshop is made of mechanically welded components. Consequently, we attach high attention on ensuring that every welding phase is made in the state of the art.

Our Quality department is staffed with several international welding experts. It ensures that:

  • Welding documents and procedures (PQR, WPS, welding book) comply with customer requirements,
  • Our welders follow and apply the procedures defined by these documents,
  • The welders’ certificates are valid and regular training to check their capabilities are organized,
  • Each welding line is visually inspected after completion and reworked if necessary,
  • Welding machine calibration certificates are valid.

According to customer requirements, we perform non-destructive tests on welds, internally or via third-party companies (radiography, ultrasound, magnetic testing, etc.).

Our teams are currently ASME – section IX and ISO 15906-01 certified. Some examples below:

  • Procedure Qualification Record : PQR
  • Welding Procedure Specification : WPS
  • Welding certificates : WPQ