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Our mission is to design, manufacture and install metal equipment on behalf of major industrial and assembler clients worldwide.

Thibaut Giroux
Directeur / Managing Director

Dear Partners, Customers, Future Customers,​

Since 1998, STOLZ-MIRAS has been subcontracting industry leaders for major projects, from simple boilerwork to complete machines. Our expertise includes all industrial sectors and particularly Engineering, Nuclear, Pharmaceutical, food & feed, equipment and Energy.​

Stolz-Miras Company is one of the quality fabricator leader in Vietnam.

Our ambition today is to exceed your expectation in terms of quality and amaze you on what our workforce is capable of in Asia. We have been working with several large corporate from Europe and western country allowing us to understand the needs and fulfill the requirements. ​

Our vision is to be the most preferred and trustful fabricator in Asia.​ As a leading industrial equipment manufacturer operating for more than 20 years from Vietnam, we have already played an active role into the sustainable industrial development of Vietnam and we will continue. As a responsible corporate citizen, we promote safety and ethics in our working and business environments.

Managed by experienced Expatriate and Vietnamese, our professional Teams are trained to deliver professional work.​

We care for quality in everything we do. We believe business cannot be done sustainably without committing rules of engagement. We do business through transparency, loyalty and integrity for the benefit of all Stakeholders of our projects.​

We serve our Customers with passion and enthusiasm, valuing spirit of entrepreneurship motivating our Teams.