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Production site​

In 2018, we relocated our production facility to Bien Hoa, 25 km NE from Ho Chi Minh City​.

Production site​

As part of its growth strategy, Stolz-Miras left its historical “Thu Duc” workshop in 2018 and moved to its new production facility in the Amata industrial zone (Bien Hoa City) 25km North-East from Ho Chi Minh City, designed to achive its ever increasing requirements:

  • Total area: 15,700 m2,
  • Workshop area: 8,000 m2 including 6,000 m2 covered,
  • Office and common areas surface: 1,280 m2,
  • 160 Skilled workers,
  • Support and engineering teams: 40 people,
  • Separation between steel and stainless steel work areas,
  • Production departments involved in each project: warehouse, cutting, machining, manufacturing – welding – assembly, coating (painting, polishing, stripping – passivation), shipping.

Our activities, manufacturing processes and capacities are detailed here


To achieve complex projects, we produce high precision machined parts at our factory.​


From a single component to a complete operational Unit, we produce parts from simple machined item to parts requiring rework after welding with dimensions up to 3 m in diameter and 1.8 m high.

As a stand alone department within our fabrication process, the machining department is permanently improving, in order manufacture all system components in-house, to guarantee the shortest deadlines and to comply with your increasingly ambitious projects.

Our machining department includes notably:

  • 3 conventional lathes,
  • 4 CNC lathes,
  • 4 milling machines,
  • 1 machining center with universal head.

Our full equipment list can be viewed here. ​


To ensure quality, we strive to manage every stage of the manufacturing process in-house.  


Continuous investment allows Stolz-Miras to address more complex and high-tech fabrication. It confirms one of our growth pillar : a constant focus on quality and a commitment to support permanent training for our employees.

To ensure quality at best cost and on schedule, we make every effort to carry out all the manufacturing steps as much as possible in our factory. 

To address these challenges, our fleet of machines includes many equipment such as:

  • Oxy-cutting: plasma cutting (x2), laser cutting,
  • Machining: boring, turning, milling  see section “Machining”,
  • Rolling: several rolling machines, up to length 2,400 mm – thickness 12 mm,
  • Folding: conventional and CNC folding machines, max thickness: 16 mm,
  • Forming (profile bending, screw spiral / conveyor)
  • Coating (sandblasting, painting, stripping – passivation)
  • Lifting

The list of our equipment can be viewed here.

For any fabrication that is beyond our capabilities, we cooperate closely with our selected local partners (forming dimensions – machining, heat treatment, etc.)

Surface coating

We realize most Surface treatment of your systems in our factory: sandblasting, painting, polishing and pickling - passivation of stainless steel.

Surface coating

According to the materials and applications of the manufacturing systems, specific surface conditions are required: painting, polishing with surface roughness, treatment of welds, etc.

Most steel systems require a coating. With our blasting chamber and partnerships with the main suppliers in the sector, we can do most of your coating requests in our factory, especially for paint requiring a food grade certificate.

On all type of stainless steel, we can perform polishing levels ranging from visual brushed up to Ra 0.2 (mirror polish).

We also carry out degreasing – pickling – passivation processes for stainless steel welds in our workshop, in particular for the pharmaceutical and nuclear fields.

For any surface treatment that we can not carry out ourself (thermal, galvanizing, chrome plating, burnishing, etc.), we cooperate with our selected local partners.


When your project is completed, we handle the packing and shipping of your order.​


Because of our historical focus on export, we have gained significant experience in shipping your fabrications across Vietnam and the rest of the world.

According to your requirements, we carry out packing that meets international standards (simple packaging, on pallets, custom wooden supports and crates, vacuum packing, fumigation, etc.).

Our close collaboration with the main logistics players guarantees you the best costs and the greatest flexibility for all modes of transport (air, sea) and preferred incoterms.