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We offer 3 options/ levels of service.


1. Manufacturing engineering based on customer drawings

From a customer’s design base, our teams carry out all manufacturing drawings. Through this approach, we partner with our customers, assisting them with their projects and optimize their fabrications, whether they intend to be manufactured in our workshop or not.

2. Detailed and manufacturing drawings from outlines of customer plans

Our teams of engineers and designers execute our clients’ 2D or 3D drawings. We work with Solid Works and Autocad. The fabrication is based on general plans, 2D plans, paper plans, etc.

3. Simple design based on technical specifications

We do the the designs of simple structures, boilers and ducts for our customers, willing to rely on our resources, process engineering and know-how.


Since its inception, Stolz-Miras has positioned itself in custom metal work, using different types of metal, from stainless to aluminum.​


Our team of engineers and skilled workers supported by our management have acquired real technical versatility. Our know-how allows us to carry out both simple fabrications and complex systems that can comprise of welded metal work, mechanics, electricity, pneumatic and hydraulic system.

From simple ducts to machine bodies, including frames of all types, we also produce pressurized tanks and storage tanks for the food, pharmaceutical and nuclear industries. On any type of production, we carry out polishing levels up to Ra 0.2 (mirror polish).

Acting on behalf of many engineering companies with high requirements, we are an ideal partner in the tailor-made production of single equipment or small series.

Our manufacturing capabilities can be found at the following link. Examples of fabrications can be viewed in the “realizations” section.


We support our customers and partners on their premises in Asia from manufacturing upto on site operational implementation .


Our know-how of on site installation is based on strong knowledge of local processes and needs. We can install equipment, manufactured at our production facilities or any other parts supplied by the customers.

We support our customers in Vietnam, but also in all neighboring countries, mobilizing dedicated teams of engineers and skilled workers at sites.

Project Management

To guarantee quality, we monitor every stages of the project ​from the initial consultation request upto shipment

Project Management


Our Quality policy:

We place Quality at the heart of our organization and our client projects (ISO 9001: 2015 certification). To address environmental and compliance concerns, we have also moved towards ISO 14001. This certification grants Stolz-Miras extensive environmental management capabilities and meets our most demanding customer needs.

Our Quality control department guarantees:

  • Material and feed metal traceability as well as PMI test control of the materials used,
  • Welding procedures and qualifications,
  • Internal controls (penetrant testing, radiography, endoscopy, dimensions, roughness, ferrite rate, customer FAT tests),
  • Definition of manufacturing and Quality data to be recorded.

Our Quality department is responsible for the implementation of the Quality Assurance Plan across every phase of a project, and notably:

  • Control of documents and customer data,
  • Compliance with standards and recommendations,
  • Implementation and monitoring of Quality plans, procedures and instructions,
  • Control and monitoring of welding steps,
  • Audit and monitoring of the quality of contractors’ services,
  • Monitoring of non-conformities and management of corrective actions.

Our Project Quality plan

Our products and installations are subject to an exhaustive project documentary procedure allowing our customers to accurately monitor their projects. The objectives are :

  • Indicate all the means implemented to meet the customer’s requirements,
  • Identify all the project stakeholders and define their responsibilities,
  • Indicate procedures to stakeholders. We provide all the necessary documentation and required by the French nuclear industry.